A Complete Handbook for Preserving the Beauty of Your Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture is indispensable in forging a cosy and welcoming al fresco setting. Nevertheless, they confront various difficulties, ranging from the ceaseless sun’s scorch to intermittent rain showers and, every so often, inadvertent dirt. To ensure that your outdoor retreat remains appealing and operational, it is imperative to be acquainted with appropriately cleaning and caring for your furniture. In this comprehensive handbook, straightforward, simple-to-adopt recommendations will be provided from a reputed and trusted online furniture store like ours for cleaning and keeping in good condition outdoor furniture crafted from a spectrum of materials, including metal, plastic, wood, and wicker.

1. Metal Outdoor Furniture

Metal patio furniture, representing stainless steel, wrought iron, aluminium, and tubular steel, are esteemed for their endurance. To preserve them in excellent condition, the following procedures are suggested:

  • Initiate cleaning by subjecting your furniture to a thorough soap and water cleansing.
  • Ensure it is meticulously dried with a cloth to prevent rust formation.
  • The identification of wear, scratches, or rust on painted surfaces should lead to their removal with steel wool and the subsequent touch-up of the paint.
  • To remove the blemishes on a powder-coated finish, a touch-up pen is advocated.
  • Unfinished aluminium furniture can be subjected to a cleaning and drying procedure. To restore its lustre and eliminate scratches, apply metal polish and a microfiber cloth.

2. PVC, Resin, or Plastic Outdoor Furniture

PVC, resin, and plastic outdoor furniture, encompassing Adirondack chairs and patio dining chairs, emerge as not solely economical but also effortlessly maintainable. To preserve their aesthetic excellence, the subsequent approaches are commended:

  • The use of a power washer on wood or wicker furniture is not recommended, considering the potential harm the intense pressure could inflict.
  • A soft plastic scrub brush is employed to remove stubborn dirt.
  • The cleaning of wood furniture cleaning should be executed with a mild oil soap devised for wood or with soapy water and a soft brush or cloth to remove filth and grime. Swiftly blotting surplus water is imperative.
  • When dealing with wicker furniture, a toothbrush should be utilised to delve deeper into crevices and dislodge entrenched dirt.
  • The drenching of porous weaves, be it rattan or bamboo, with water is to be removed, with a gentle wipe down through a damp cloth being preferred.
  • In the aftermath of cleaning, applying a lightweight wood sealant is recommended for the augmentation of safeguarding teak, oak, or eucalyptus outdoor furniture.
  • Tropical hardwoods, including Shorea or Ipe, should be oiled rather than sealed to sustain them in excellent form.
  • The power washer should be utilised at a low setting to clean recesses effectively.
  • Opt for using soap and water, an all-purpose spray cleaner, and a sponge or damp cloth to effectuate a comprehensive cleansing.
  • When confronted with stubborn stains, a concoction of half a cup of baking soda integrated into a gallon of water should be prepared, forming a gentle scrubbing solution.
  • The employment of abrasive cleaners should be sidestepped, given that they can inflict unsightly abrasions.
  • The use of corrosive substances, like bleach or acid-based cleaners, should be shunned since they can damage the plastic surface.
  • To heighten the shine and bolster the safeguarding of your clean, parched plastic, PVC, or resin patio furniture, the application of a plastic restorer and protectant is advised. Exercise prudence to ensure that it does not accrue on woven furniture.

3. Teak, Wood, or Wicker Outdoor Furniture

Teak, wood, and wicker outdoor furniture, celebrated for their innate beauty, necessitate particular attention to anticipate the cleaning needed. The ensuing guidelines set forth the approach for sustaining these materials:

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Does your outdoor furniture need attention?

Your outdoor furniture is instrumental in formulating a welcoming and hygienic outdoor setting. These are some of the expert recommendations from a furniture business such as us, who have been talented dealers in indoor and outdoor furniture, helping with furniture cleaning and maintenance in suburbs of Auburn, Castle Hill, Marsden Park, McGraths Hill, and Penrith, to ensure that your furniture shall remain in exceptional condition year after year. You and your guests can relish your outdoor surroundings for many years with a slight touch of cleaning endeavours. Don’t forget to keep this concise yet comprehensive handbook with you for referring to straightforward, simple-to-adopt recommendations that play a critical role in cleaning and maintaining your outdoor area in good condition by preserving your outdoor furniture for years and years to come, crafted from a variety of materials, like metal, plastic, wood, and wicker.

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